Copyright for Creative Minds


As a creator of an intellectual product you have specific rights, be it Illustrations, Web videos, Photography or Web Design. I will help realize your legal rights, in case of violation of your copyrights. Moreover, I am able to help with Non-Disclosure- Agreements before trouble occurs. And if needed I will seek jurisdictional ways.  

IT Law


Draft and Conception of  IT-Contracts. Permanent/limited-term use of Standard software, Individual software, Hardware, and maintenance. Source code-contracts („Escrow Agreements“), Application Service Providing (ASP), IT as a Service and/or Cloud Computing, („Clickwrap-Agreements“).  To avoid Conflict situations , especially liability questions,  you have to think of Service-Level-Agreements. Together we will implement whatever is needed to your specific requirements.  

Cross-linked Counselling


Any skill meets its limit, when the amount of knowledge and the acceleration of technical progress is overwhelming. Legal counselling shares here the same fate. We will face that by acquiring specialists and applying task division. I am able to engage for this a Network grown in multiple ways consisting of Lawyers, Attorneys, Technicians, creatives and political responsibil persons. This network is available worldwide.

With the knowledge of these Resources we will create the space and the atmosphere for common Ideas and enterprises.  We will develop and coordinate offensive or defensive strategies.